Organ Donation Awareness Session for the members of Jana Samskriti, Mayur Vihar

Updated on Tuesday, July 12, 2016
  • MOHAN Foundation was invited by the Jana Samskriti, Mayur Vihar unit to conduct an awareness session on organ donation on July 10, 2016.


    Jana Samskriti is a community of Malyalees in Delhi having various units across Delhi. In their continuous endeavor to maintain cultural connections among the Malyalees they periodically organize various programs. The talk was coordinated by Mr. Nujum M Mayyanad, a member of Jana Samskriti.


    The audience participated actively in the session and asked a lot of questions. The fact that only a brain dead person can donate organs came as a surprise to most of the people present. Following recent reports of kidney scam in a private hospital, there was an apprehension in the audience about donated organs being used for commercial purpose. Mareena clarified their doubts and explained to them the organ allocating protocol that each state follows. The cost of operations and post-transplant care needed by a recipient was also touched upon.


    After the session, one of the participants came forward and shared how his brother underwent three kidney transplants and twice the kidneys were bought.


    Amongst the participants, there was a cornea recipient, who expressed his gratitude to the donor because of whom he could see.


    Aryan, a young 8 year old boy present in the audience, asked if the whole body could be donated. This interest from a child was very inspiring for the adults present there.


    All the participants found the talk informative and felt it was much needed. They appreciated that such a complex topic was delivered in an easy to understand manner.


    50 people participated in the session and 50 donor cards were taken.

    Source-Ms. Mareena
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