Module 2 of batch 16 of Organ Donation Ambassador Training conducted online

Updated on Tuesday, June 21, 2022
  • The batch 16 of Ambassador training  (Module 2) was held on June 18, 2022 for 8 trainees. The volunteers were college students as well as one organ donor. Dr Muneet Kaur Sahi and Dr Hemal Kanvinde were the faculty   from MOHAN Foundation and  external experts  were Dr Rajeevalochana Parthasarathy of MMM Hospital Chennai, Dr Rohini Motwani of AIIMS Hyderabad, Mr Anant Acharya, transplant recipient of Bengaluru. 


    After the initial participant introduction, Dr Hemal welcomed the experts and open house began. Many queries and doubts were clarified. Some of the discussion points were on 

    1. Bone marrow donation and cross-over of genetic material to the recipient 
    2. Body donation after organ retrieval, keeping the body available for viewing for relatives after donation
    3. Need for counseling of recipient and living donors - should not be part of  the transplant team
    4. Opt in, Opt out and Mandated choice
    5. Swap donation
    6. Personal stories of Mr Anant Archarya and  Dr Anita as well as donation experiences of Dr Muneet made the interaction more meaningful. 

    Dr Hemal thanked the experts for their time and guidance. 


    Next session was a Gratitude Communication workshop conducted by Dr Muneet. She guided the participants to write a "Letter of Thanks" to a donor family. Beautiful heart touching letters were written and read out. 


    The next session was about modes of communication on Organ Donation. Dr Hemal took the participants  through varied ways of creating awareness and new online campaigns.  


    The last session was a feedback and planing for the future. The volunteers thought a few suggestions of direct talks with their peers, organizing debates etc.


    Source-Hemal Kanvinde
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