Masterclass on “Enhance Your Presence on LinkedIn”- a workshop for the employees of MOHAN Foundation & NATCO members

Updated on Thursday, February 23, 2023
  • On February 18, 2023, MOHAN Foundation organised a masterclass on "Enhance Your Presence on LinkedIn," a workshop in collaboration with the Network and Alliance of Transplant Coordinators (NATCO), for its employees and NATCO members. The workshop was supported by the SBI Foundation.


    The workshop covered understanding and maximising the use of LinkedIn and building a profile that quickly conveys an impactful, professional story about you. Give other LinkedIn members a glimpse into who you are and get them excited to learn more about you, your team, and your organization. Be strategic and choose one or two themes that strengthen your value and make you easy to remember.


    Ms. Gurnoor Kaur Behl, Creator—Online Personal Brands; Founder, House of GKB; and Co-Founder, Delhi Queer Spaces. Ms. Gurnoor, with over 12 years of experience in social media, is recognised as a global digital leader, having trained over 4500+ individuals globally on how to build their personal brands via social media. She has also provided an essential service to the nation as the social media consultant for the National Disaster Management Authority, Government of India, during the COVID-19 lockdown.


    Gurnoor began the workshop by introducing LinkedIn’s Creator Accelerator Program, where 200 creators in India got access to LinkedIn’s Community Management team; she was part of the team that selected the creators. She then encouraged the audience to be more interactive during the session by asking a few questions related to the fear of using LinkedIn.


    She then explained the basic ideas of using LinkedIn, which can be customised according to the individual’s needs. She also shared her personal experiences of using LinkedIn, which really made an impact on her professional growth. The following topics were discussed in the workshop:

    • Personal Branding

    • Build your profile; use a profile picture that represents you professionally.

    • Writing headlines that creatively explain your value and passion for your job or work

    • Adding websites, such as your personal portfolio or testimonials, to your company website

    • Imagine your summary as your elevator pitch.

    • Making a profile more engaging by sharing your standout projects with rich media

    • Using the experience section to tell your story

    • Your skills and endorsements are like mini recommendations that speak to your skill set.

    • Selecting influencers to follow and stay up-to-date

    • Joining groups in the industries you work

    • Consistency in posting your content on LinkedIn

    • Use of updated keywords

    • Engage with your network; connect thoughtfully.



    Gurnoor emphasised being authentic when it comes to personal branding because it plays a major role in building trust among people. She then shared her profile on LinkedIn with the audience and shared many hacks for making a profile noticeable on LinkedIn.


    Participants asked questions. To name a few:

    • Does LinkedIn Premium add more to your profile?

    • How do you get a response when you text someone on LinkedIn?

    • Is posting on weekends likely to get more eyeballs? Or are weekdays better?

    • Do LinkedIn certifications attract recruiters?

    • Can we add Canva as one of our skills on LinkedIn?

    • Should we use new keywords now and then?

    • Ideal length of video content on LinkedIn?

    • Can we use throwback content?


    Feedback from the participants:

    • Excellent workshop; provided a wealth of LinkedIn knowledge.

    • This workshop is really going to make a difference to us.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.

    • Thanks for organising this masterclass.


    Close to 37 participants attended the workshop.


    Source-Ms. Simran Anand
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