MOHAN Foundationís volunteers observe International Charity Day at school

Updated on Thursday, September 6, 2018
  • While India celebrates Teacher’s Day on 5th September, the United Nations observes this as International Charity Day commemorating the anniversary of Mother Theresa’s demise.

    Organ donation being the most generous charities of all, two Angels of Change from Anna Adarsh School, Chennai decided to include a campaign in their Teacher’s Day events. They put up a stall in their school premises to spread the message of organ donation accompanied by Hepzibah Synthiah David - an Angel of Change from MMM College and Dr Hemal Kanvinde from MOHAN Foundation.

    Following a short introduction by Dr Hemal about the International Charity Day, there were quizzes about organ donation. The two students distributed green ribbons and brochures containing information on organ donation. Around 60 teachers and 300 students were in attendance at the event. There was immense support from the teachers and around 42 of them pledged their organs and received their donor cards.

    Source-Hepzibah Synthiah David
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