MOHAN Foundation-trained Angels of Change Volunteers from Queens Valley School conducted an awareness session on Organ Donation for the teachers

Updated on Tuesday, January 31, 2023
  • On January 28, 2023, students from Queens Valley School (QVS), Dwarka, who underwent the Foundation’s Angels of Change Volunteers Training on December 30, 2022, and January 9, 2023, organised an awareness session for the teachers at their school. 14 students presented one PowerPoint presentation in a group, each student covering a different topic related to organ donation and transplantation. Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi, Program Manager, MOHAN Foundation, NCR, and Ms. Simran Anand, Program Officer, MF, NCR, were the observers from the Foundation.


    The final stage of the "Angels of Change" programme training is for the volunteer to organise and conduct a public awareness session on his or her own so that feedback on the content, validity, and accuracy of the information given to the participants can be shared with the presenter conducting the session, and a certificate certifying them as "Angels of Change Volunteers," trained by MOHAN Foundation, can be awarded to them.


    Ms. Savneet Kaur, TGT and Coordinator, QVS, organised the session, and Ms. Pooja, Biology Teacher, QVS, regularly coordinated with the students and MF staff for the final presentation. Ms. Monica Sharma, Pre-Primary In charge, was invited to the session as a chief guest to felicitate the students with "Angels of Change Volunteers" certificates.


    The session began with a thank you and welcome note by Agamjot Kaur, a class XI student, QVS. Then the students one-by-one explained the concept of organ donation with the help of a PowerPoint presentation. They discussed the organs that could be donated after natural death and brain death. A short, informative film was shown to the audience to explain the concept of "brain death." They also shed light on the current scenario of organ donation in India. Various myths about organ donation were also discussed with the teachers by the volunteers. They explained the various steps involved in a brain death declaration and clarified the concept of legal death.


    The following topics were addressed: 

    • Organ donation and its need
    • Brain death
    • Causes of brain death
    • difference between brain death and coma
    • Contraindications to organ donation
    • Transplant Law
    • Role of the MOHAN Foundation
    • Organ Donation Myths and Facts
    • Status of organ donation in India
    • When and how does organ donation take place?
    • Organs that can be donated during life and after death
    • Cornea donation


    The students displayed excellent teamwork as they delivered the presentation. They engaged their teachers in the discussion, which made the session lively and interactive. They were all well-prepared, and gave the presentation in the correct order and manner. The participants asked many queries. To name a few: 

    • How do I donate a body?
    • When can the cornea be donated?
    • How does pledging work during the process of organ donation?


    Dr. Muneet summarised the concept of OD at the end of the session and helped the students address the queries of the participants. The MF staff appreciated the students' wonderful presentations.


    In the end, Ms. Monica felicitated the students with the "Angels of Change Certificate."


    Close to 106 participants attended the session.

    Source-Ms. Simran Anand
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