MOHAN Foundation joins with Indian Oil Corporation to celebrate Daan Utsav

Updated on Wednesday, October 10, 2018
  • Daan Utsav also known as The Joy of Giving Week is a "festival of philanthropy that aims to become a part of the Indian ethos, by engaging people through "acts of giving" - money, time, resources and skills - spanning the corporate, NGO and government sectors, schools, colleges and the general public.


     This year MOHAN Foundation celebrated Daan Utsav in collaboration with INDIAN OIL Petroleum. A public information desk was set up at at Kelly’s INDIAN OIL petrol bunk to promote organ donation. This desk was set up from Oct 2nd  to Oct 8th 2018 between 11 am to 2 pm. Information brochures, posters a banner and donor cards were kept at the desk.  Drivers who came to fill in petrol and diesel, would be asked if they were interested understanding about organ donation. Many of the visitors knew a little about organ donation and their misconceptions were clarified. There were nearly 120 people registered as organ donor in this programme.


    Many found it to be useful and said they would call in future and volunteer in programs that are about to be held in our organization and did enquire about the details about the organization. Some old people had an enquires like they have diabetes or  heart trouble etc. and  can they donate, certain people had doubts like I have eye problem already, so can I donate.


    Though there was less space for the drivers to  stand and talk because of lack of parking space, many of them came forward to understand the concept. MOHAN Foundation thanks the Indian Oil Corporation for the support during the Daan Utsav.

    Source-Synthiah David
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