MOHAN Foundation conducts talk show on Organ Donation Awareness in 91.9 Sarthak FM Odisha

Updated on Wednesday, August 16, 2017
  • “MOHAN Foundation had organised a show on Organ Donation Awareness on 91.9 Sarthak FM Odisha on the occasion of Organ Donation Day, 13th Aug 2017. The show was a live show and was on-air at 11am. The guests were Dr. Chittaranjan Kar, Professor, Dept. of Nephrology, SCB MCH, Odisha and Ms. Anindita Sabath, Transplant Coordinator, MOHAN Foundation, Odisha.


    RJ Sunny started the show with the introduction of the guests. The following topics were discussed during the 3 hours of the show.

    1. Introduction of MOHAN Foundation
    2. What is Organ Donation?
    3. MOHAN Foundation’s achievements in this field
    4. What are the organs and tissues that can be donated?
    5. What is brain death?
    6. Declaration of brain death
    7. Myths attached to organ donation


    All the medical and health related questions were answered by Dr. C.R Kar. Ms. Anindita Sabath explained how one can pledge to donate his/her organs, what is grief counselling, why is it important to donate organs and also about generating awareness among the public about organ donation.


    As it was a live show, phone calls from the public were also received.  They had queries relating to prevention of kidney disease, eye donation and about pledging for organ donation. All their queries were addressed by Dr. C.R Kar and Ms. Anindita Sabath.


    The show ended by encouraging the public to come forward for organ donation and make more people aware about this noble cause.

    Source-Ms. anindita


Posted By : Hemal, on Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Very good effort to reach out to masses.
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