MOHAN Foundation conducts a session on Organ donation at a CME on Renal Transplantation

Updated on Friday, July 20, 2018
  • On 24th June 2018 NU Hospital, Bangalore organized a CME on “Renal Transplantation Anesthesia”. It was organized by the department of Anesthesia and Critical Care. MOHAN Foundation was invited by the organizing team to speak on Medico legal and Ethical Consideration in Renal Transplantation. Dr. Sunil Shroff and Mrs. Kavitha Aneesh conducted the session.


    The CME was completely dedicated to the anesthesia considerations for the Chronic Kidney Disease patients, the sessions were on anesthesia for adults, pediatric and for donor nephrectomy and preoperative preparation for transplantation. The CME also covered post-operative care after renal transplantation, patients with other surgeries, complication and management of difficult surgeries too. There were distinguished speakers from different hospitals to explain the topic.


    The session on Medico Legal and Ethical Consideration in Renal Transplantation was led by Dr. Sunil Shroff, Managing Trustee, MOHAN Foundation. The session was divided in to four parts:

    1. Medico-legal and Ethics in Renal Transplantation
    2. Maintenance of a brain dead donor
    3. Grief Counseling
    4. Pathway of Organ Donation - Activity


    Dr. Sunil Shroff spoke about the changing definition of death, how death was identified in the earlier years and when brain death and cardiac death were identified. He covered parts of the Transplantation of Human Organs Act 1994, the offences and penalties, and some points pertaining to medical fraternity. He also explained the Identification and Certification of a Brain Dead patient. A video explaining Brain Death was played.


    The session on Maintenance of Brain Dead Donor was taken by Dr. Chinnadurai. He clarified the pre requisites, criteria and drug dosage for maintaining and management of the correction of the electrolytes in a brain death patient.


    Following that Ms. Kavitha, MOHAN Foundation spoke on Grief Counselling Donor Families, she covered the stages of counselling, qualities of a good counsellor and factors which influence the families to donate.


    After that the team organized an activity which was “Pathway of Organ Donation”.  In which the audience was divided into two groups where the play cards were given to organize the organ donation process. Dr. Sunil Shroff and Dr. Chinnadurai were the mentors for the groups and Dr. Alka Deo was the moderator. Both the groups performed well, though they made a few mistakes. Finally Ms. Kavitha narrated the correct process and gifts were distributed for the team who gave maximum answers correctly.


    Few queries which was discussed:

    1. Will you discontinue the ventilator on the request of the family?
    2. How does cadaver donation increase the transplantation rate?

    Source-Kavitha Aneesh
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