MOHAN Foundation conducted eye donation awareness at Chrome pictures Andheri office

Updated on Saturday, March 30, 2024
  • On Mar 13, 2024, Padmavathi Vasudevan of MOHAN Foundation conducted an eye and organdonation awareness session at Chrome Pictures Andheri, Movie and Ad director Mr. Amit Sharma’s office. There were about 35 employees in the office. Started the session by introducing Kotak Netradan project undertaken by MOHAN Foundation and its importance and need to create awareness about eye donation and breaking the rigid thoughts ingrained into the heads ofeveryone. Wanting them to think about the same. PPT was shown about eyes specially cornea blindness and the stats currently. The main aim was to educate and bring in awareness about thesensitive topicsnot touched upon. The employees were responsive and even showed interest in knowing more.There were few who were ready to take the pledge. The link was shared with the team and project on Eye donation.

    Source-Padmavathi Vasudevan
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