MOHAN Foundation Delivers Talk on Organ Donation for Members of Inner Wheel Club District 317

Updated on Monday, July 19, 2021
  • Mrs. Ratna Behere, Chairman of the Inner Wheel Club District 317 began a pan-district Organ Donation Awareness initiative called ‘Chirantan’. As part of this, Mrs. Urmi Sherigar of Inner Wheel, Belgaum invited MOHAN Foundation to conduct an interactive session, on organ donation on 2nd July 2021. The session was attended by 75 members from 59 Clubs of the district. The areas covered by District 317 are Goa, Northern Karnataka and Southern Maharashtra.

    MOHAN Foundation was represented by Dr. Hemal Kanvinde (Quality Assurance Officer) and Mrs. Sheetal Mundada (Transplant Coordinator, Belgavi). District Secretary Mrs. Utkarsha Patil welcomed everyone to the meeting. This was followed by an introduction to the topic by Mrs. Behere and Dr. Kanvinde introducing the work of MOHAN Foundation. She then explained the importance and need for donation, when and who can become donors, brain stem death, circulatory death, the law on organ donation and transplantation and importance of a donor card.

    Mrs. Sheetal Mundada described the donation process using a case study from Dharwad. The importance of having a grief counsellor to speak to the family was highlighted through this case.

    During the interaction, the audience raised the following questions:

    • Does my age/fitness level disqualify me from being a donor?
    • What is the process for living donation and what organs can be donated by a living donor?
    • What is a Green Corridor
    • Clarification on illegal activities related to organ donation
    • Is there a possibility of commercial dealings during the time of transplantation? 

    MOHAN Foundation thanked the District 317 of the Inner Wheel Club for choosing to support this life-saving cause and the organising committee for their help.

    Source-Ms. Sheetal Mundada
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