Informative Webinar on Urinary Tract Infections and Kidney Diseases organised by MOHAN Foundation and Care For Your Kidney Foundation

Updated on Saturday, October 16, 2021
  • On October 8, 2021 as a part of #Careforyourkidneys series a webinar on ‘Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and Kidney Disease was organised by MOHAN Foundation and Care For Your Kidneys Foundation. The speaker for the session was Dr. S Karthik, Senior Consultant Nephrologist, Olive Hospital, Hyderabad.


    The session began with Ms. Ishwarya Thyagarajan, Research Associate, MOHAN Foundation introducing the speaker for the session. She also shed some light on the topic of discussion i.e., UTI and Kidney disease.


    Dr. Karthik began the session by explaining the infections of the urinary tract, organs involved and the increased prevalence of UTIs in female as compared to males as a result of difference in their anatomical structures. While talking about the symptoms of UTI Dr. Karthik informed the audience about the most commonly seen symptom of UTI i.e., a persistent urge to urinate.


    The most common risk factors associated with UTI in children and adults were discussed in detail which was followed by a dialogue on the preventive actions that can be undertaken to avoid the occurrence of UTIs. The complications associated with recurrent, unresolved infections and their consequences were discussed by Dr. Karthik.


    The spectrum of diseases associated with urinary tract infection for instance diabetes were explained in the session followed by a discussion on the beneficial effects of cranberry in UTI.


    The following topics were discussed in detail:

    • Spectrum of UTI based on severity
    • Anatomy of male and female urinary tracts
    • Signs/Indications of a urinary tract infection
    • Symptoms of UTI
    • Types of UTI
    • Causes and risk factors of UTI in children and adults
    • Management of urinary catheter (use & removal)
    • Complications associated with UTI
    • Prevention of UTI
    • Diagnosis
    • Diabetes and Urinary tract Infection
    • Treatment
    • Myths and facts associated with UTI


    Owing to the great relevance of the topic several queries were put forth by the audience, some of these are as follows-

    • Do UTIs always lead to kidney damage
    • Is surgical treatment necessary to manage birth defects associated with urinary tract. What is the management protocol for the cases where surgical management is not possible?
    • Is bed wetting a risk factor for UTI?
    • Is consumption of probiotic food beneficial in management of cases of UTI?
    • Are there any home remedies available for management of these infections?
    • Does use of public toilets pose a risk of contracting UTI?
    • Do any female sanitary products pose a risk and predispose to occurrence of UTI?
    • How are kidney stones and UTI associated?
    • Is quality of drinking water associated with the risk of developing UTI?
    • Do uncomplicated UTI require medical treatment?


    Dr. Karthik concluded the session by impressing upon the audience that the prevention of UTI was possible and advised the audience that generous intake of water and frequent urination are two golden rules that can be followed to avoid the occurrence of UTI.


    The session was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube and gathered 225 and 29 views respectively.


    Click here to watch the video

    Source-Dr. Sanaa Bhadwal
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