Awareness talk on organ donation and transplantation at ICICI Academy for Skills, Jaipur

Updated on Wednesday, August 16, 2023
  • MFJCF conducted awareness sessions of Organ Donation at the ICICI Academy for skills, Jaipur on 16th August, 2023.
    It was been conducted in two slots.

    In the first slot Speaker made trainees aware about organ donation through an interactive talk. It was a 1-hour session which was attended by 100 trainees.

    Another slot of one hour with another batch of 100 trainees was undertaken by Speaker.  Both were quite interactive sessions in which trainees asked their queries regarding organ donation.

    Everyone was asked to save the organ donation toll free number 1800-103-7100 in their Mobile. 40 Organ donor cards were handed over. Furthermore, a volunteer from MFJCF named, Parul Bishnoi shared her inspiring story about her own transplant experience, providing a personal perspective and highlighting the transformative impact of organ donation. 

    Source-Priyanka Bhatt
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