Awareness session on organ donation at O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonepat

Updated on Monday, October 9, 2017
  • On October 05, 2017, MOHAN Foundation was invited to conduct a session on organ donation for the students of O. P. Jindal Global University, Sonepat. Ms. Mehak Tanwar from Rotary Club of the University coordinated the talk. Ms. Mareena Thomas was the resource person and Ms. Jyoti Sharma accompanied her.


    Ms. Mareena began the session by introducing MOHAN Foundation and its activities. She asked the participants if anyone had heard of organ donation and which organs and tissues can be donated while alive. Participants replied blood, part of liver and kidney. One participant then shared the story of her aunt who donated one kidney to her real brother. Another participant shared about his 93-year-old grandfather whose corneas were donated by the family after his death.


    She then explained the difference between coma and brain death. Cardiac death, eye donation, solid organs & tissue donation were other topics that were covered by her. While on the topic of brain death, a short film was shown to the participants to get a better clarity on the subject. She also spoke on myths on organ donation with their corresponding reality check and THO Act was explained to the participants in detail. The process of pledging one's organs by filling up the donor card and sharing one's wish to donate organs upon death with the family members was also stressed upon.


    At the end of the session, queries of the participants were taken up:


    • Can anyone with weak eyesight having undergone lasik surgery become an eye donor?
    • Does government help economically weak (who cannot afford transplants) people on waiting list for transplants in any way?
    • Who gets the organ and how is waiting list prepared?
    • Whom should one contact for organ donation at the time of the death of his/her near relative?
    • Can organs be preserved?



    Close to 35 students attended the talk and 40 donor cards were picked up.

    Source-Ms. Jyoti Sharma
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