Awareness session on organ donation at Bharti AXA General Insurance Co. Ltd., Pitampura, New Delhi

Updated on Thursday, September 7, 2017
  • On September 04, 2017, MOHAN Foundation was invited to conduct an awareness session on organ donation for the employees of Bharti AXA General Insurance at their office in Bigjos Tower, Pitampura, New Delhi. The session was organized and coordinated by Ms. Prashasti Shankar and Mr. Ravi Kumar Joshi from the HR department of Bharti AXA. Ms. Mareena (Programme Officer) was the resource person and Ms. Jyoti Sharma (Transplant Coordinator) accompanied her.


    Ms. Mareena began the session by asking the participants few questions about organ donation who can donate and what can one donate when alive and after death. She shared that on an average 10-15 patients suffering from end stage organ failure die every day while waiting to receive an organ. The participants were told that the main aim of the session was to give them information about organ donation after death and how increased donation rate would help bridge the gap between demand and supply for organs. She emphasized the fact that organ donation can only take place when the patient is declared brain dead and one must understand the same if they wish to pledge to be an organ donor. She further clarified the difference between brain death and coma. She then shared India’s organ donation rate and how we need to achieve 3-4 per million population to fulfil our needs.


    She also emphasized the importance of family consent in the process of organ donation and the need to share one’s decision to donate upon death with the family as in our country the family gives consent so it is important to bring them in consensus with your wish.


    Close to 27 participants attended the session and 15 donor cards were picked up.

    Source-Ms. Jyoti Sharma
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