Awareness session on organ donation at Amity University, Noida

Updated on Tuesday, October 9, 2018
  • On October 4, 2018, MOHAN Foundation conducted an awareness talk on organ donation for the students of Amity Institute of Public Health (AIPH), Amity University, Noida. It was organised by Dr Pallavi Rekhi and coordinated by Dr. Mehak Segan (Assistant Professor & Programme Leader, AIPH). Dr. Muneet Sahi was the resource person for the session and was accompanied by Dr. Rekhi.


    Amity Institute of Public Health, Amity University is an educational platform for all the future public health professionals to share, discuss and build this community to encompass a wide variety of methods to lead to a better future of India. The mission is to provide healthcare education in relevant healthcare disciplines at Masters and Bachelors and Doctoral levels in all disciplines of modern healthcare and in the futuristic and emerging frontier areas of healthcare knowledge, learning and research.


    Dr. Muneet started the session by introducing MOHAN Foundation. She then asked a few introductory questions on organ donation to gauge their awareness level.


    Next she explained the opt-in and opt-out consent systems while discussing about the gaps in the ODR (organ donation rate) of India and other European countries. The condition of brain stem death (BSD) was explained with the help of a video and it was clarified that solid organs can be donated only in the case of BSD.


    Emphasis was also laid on cornea donation and that one should try and promote it at individual levels. The importance of pledging and having a donor card was talked about.


    A special guest, Dr. Eyad H. Abed (Professor, University of Maryland), was also invited for the session by the AIPH team. He shared his pride in carrying a donor card himself. He also appreciated the effort being put in by MOHAN Foundation in the field of organ donation.


    The session ended with a motivational video on organ donation. Close to 52 participants attended the session.

    Source-Dr. Pallavi Rekhi
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