Awareness session on Organ Donation at Regional Transport Office, Alibag, Mumbai

Updated on Wednesday, July 25, 2018
  • On 2nd June 2018, MOHAN Foundation Mumbai was invited by Mr. Nilesh Kadam of Apollo Hospitals and API Sachin Patil of RTO Alibag, for an awareness talk on organ donation.


    Mr. Nilesh Kadam began with the introductions, saying that many die due to organ failure due to unavailability of life-saving organs in time and the main cause for this is lack of awareness. Later he introduced MOHAN Foundation to the audience and invited Ms. Jigisha Yadav to share further details.


    Ms. Jigisha Yadav started by explaining to the audience that MOHAN is an acronym for “Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Networking”. She went on to share details of its missions and objectives. She then asked the audience what came to their minds when they thought of organ donation. Many came out with positive responses.


    The concept of organ donation, types of death, the organs and tissues that can be donated after cardiac death and after brain death, the concept of brain death, difference between brain death and coma were all covered. Various myths and facts related to organ donation were discussed and information about organ allocation and distribution were also shared. Ms. Jigisha also asked the audience that, there is a organ donation option on licence. Have u noticed?


    A few queries were raised and satisfactorily answered by Mrs. Jigisha Yadav and Mr. Nilesh Kadam. A few of them took the Pledge. They were given the option of taking the pledge online on MOHAN Foundation’s website.


    We thank Mr. Nilesh Kadam and API Sachin Patil from (RTO) for inviting us and for supporting the cause of Organ Donation.

    Source-Ms. Jigisha Yadav
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