Awareness session on Organ Donation at KS'S Manjunatha College, Thakurli, Mumbai

Updated on Thursday, August 31, 2023
  • With the aim to create awareness about organ donation, dispel myths and misconceptions associated with organ donation and motivate and encourage its students, staff and faculty to donate organs after death.


    Ms. Padmavathi Vasudevan, Project Officer MOHAN Foundation Mumbai, conducted the awareness session at  KS'S Manjunatha College, Thakurli, Mumbai on 13th August 2023 addressing the overall challenges, fears and the misconceptions prevailing amongst everyone when we initiate conversation regarding donating our organs.


    In her talk-cum-presentation Padma spoke about 

    • What is Organ Donation? Difference between Organs
    • How deceased organ donation can save multiple lives
    • Current state of organ donation in India and the wide gap in demand and availability of donated organs 
    • The imperativeness of increasing cadaver organ donation
    • Time factor in ensuring successful organ donation and transplantation;
    • Process and purpose of pledging organs and tissues.
    • Activities and Courses conducted by MOHAN Foundation
    • Facts behind Myths & Superstitions surrounding Organ Donation
    • Challenges before us in motivating and encouraging Organ Donation


    The college students were so high on energy and did very attentively listen and did put forth their question even though the staff members and professors willingly came ahead to pledge Organ donation.  There were 150 Students along with professors.


    Ms. Jayashree Patil , NSS incharge Prof.Madhuri , Ms. Aarti Badgujar with other processors were the ones who made all the necessary arrangements with the other professors. The main person who made it possible was the Principal of the College, Dr. Sushila Vijay kumar along with the professors and students. There was so much positivity amongst the students and willingness to take this awareness ahead and become a donor too.  The session was concluded by Principal madam’s kind words in aspects of Organ donation and MOHAN Foundation.

    Source-Padmavathi Vasudevan
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