Awareness Talk on Organ Donation for MSW Students at Sassoon General Hospital, Pune

Updated on Saturday, December 11, 2021
  • On 8th December 2021, Mr. Jagdish conducted an awareness session on organ donation for MSW (Masters in Social Work) students at Sassoon General Hospital, Pune.


    Topics discussed in this session were as follows:

    1. What is organ donation?

    2. Why organ donation is important and what is the need of it?

    3. Current statistics in India and why India is lagging behind as compared to other countries?

    4. Types of death

        a. Circulatory Death and its identification

        b. Brain death and its identification

    5. Difference between solid organs and tissues

    6. What is the duration of time within the organs should be transplanted?

    7. Grief counseling and its stages.

    8. Donor card and its importance.


    There were nine participants who attended the session. Donor cards were distributed at the end of the session. They thanked Mr. Jagdish for giving an informative and inspirational session, which made all the participants to go forward and take pledge to save others life.

    Source-Mr. Jagdish Borude
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