Awareness Talk on Organ Donation at Rotary Community Centre, Kharghar, Mumbai

Updated on Wednesday, February 6, 2019
  • On 30th January 2019, MOHAN Foundation Mumbai was invited by Rotary Community Centre, Khaghar, Mumbai to conduct an awareness session on Organ Donation for their Rotarians as Mr. Kirit Mistry (Ambassador of organ donation in U.K) was invited to share his view about Organ Donation.

    Mr. Balkrishna Chillana, Project Manager began by welcoming honourable guests and introduced Dr. Sunil Kutty, Neurosurgeon from Apollo hospitals. Dr. Sunil Kutty started his session by explaining his role in head trauma cases. He informed that his first duty is to save the patient life but if the patient is having extensive bleeding in the brain that had caused irreversible brain injury the patient cannot be salvaged and is declared brain dead. In this case surgical intervention also cannot help the patient as there are no brain reflexes & important functions like breathing gets hampered and patient is supported by Life Support system. So in brain dead cases organs can be optimized and donated which can give new life to patients suffering on the waiting list for organs. Sir briefly explained about the concept of brain death along with difference between brain death and coma. At this crucial time when the patient is brain dead and organ can be donated the Counsellor from MOHAN Foundation comes into picture for giving emotional support to the patient family and explaining them about organ donation thereby acquiring consent from the family for organ donation.

    Mrs. Jigisha Yadav, Social Worker from MOHAN Foundation started the session by introducing MOHAN Foundation, she explained that MOHAN is not a name of a person; it’s an acronym for Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network. Then she shared its mission, vision and philanthropy. The concept of organ donation was then introduced in detail with explanations about the types of death viz. Cardiac & brain death. She also elaborated about the organs and tissues that can be donated in both the cases. Information about organ allocation, and distribution were also shared. She ended the session by felicitating two Donor families.

    Thereafter Mr. Balkrishna Chillana shared his story about he went for Mumbai to London road trip for spreading awareness on organ donation. He also shared story about the transplant surgery of her daughter that inspired him to join the noble cause of organ donation.

    Lastly Mr. Kirit Mistry, Ambassador of Organ Donation in UK shared the way they work in UK along with government and how they spread awareness there in their different communities with the help of few stories.

    There were around 40 Rotarians members. Mrs. Jigisha appealed to the audience to take online pledge.We thanks Mr. Prakash, President of Rotary and Mr. Balkrishna Chillana and Mr. Chandrashekar, Secretary for inviting us and supporting the cause of Organ Donation. 

    Source-Mrs. Jigisha Yadav
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