Awareness Programme on Organ Donation at Enjoy Group Foundation, Pune

Updated on Saturday, July 6, 2019
  • On 5th April 2019, MOHAN Foundation Mumbai was invited by for conducting an awareness talk for member of the Enjoy Group Foundation about organ donation.

    Mr. Sandip Lonkar introduced MOHAN Foundation as an NGO working passionately for deceased organ donation past 21 years.

    Mr. Akash Salve thereafter took the dais and explained that MOHAN Foundation is an acronym for “Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network”. He shared its mission and objectives and then started explaining about what organ donation is, when, who, why and how it can be done. He also explained the THOA act 2011 related to organ Donation.

    He then explained about Brain Steam Death, how to diagnose and certify and who is authorized to certify. He also explained about the religious barrier and myths related to organ donation.

    Mr. Akash Salve addressed about the myths about Organ Donation public has & how we can debunk them by illustrating the real factsabout Organ Donation. Thereafter he shared with audience how they could take the pledge and also how important it was to share the wish with their loved ones.

    About 1500-2000members attended the program and were distributed information brochures. Questions such as what is coma and how it is different from brain death were asked. Mr. Akash Salve answered all their queries. About 350 members of the Enjoy Group foundation took Pledge.

    We are very grateful to Mr. Sandip Lonkar Enjoy group foundation and other staff members.

    Source-Mr. Akash Salve
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