Ambassador sets an Information Desk at Bharat Petroleum Pump

Updated on Thursday, September 29, 2022
  • On 26th Sept MOHAN Foundation was invited to keep a Information Desk on Bharat Petroleum, Aruna Agency, Athipet, Chennai for 3 days. Mr. Balaji (Intern From MMM College of Health Science and Organ Donation Ambassador) organised the event, manned the stall and arranged an information desk with information brochures, toll free number stickers, standees, green ribbon and donor cards.

    The program started at 11:00 AM with the help of Bharat Petroleum staff. Mr. Balaji gave an Awareness on Organ Donation to the staff (20) working in the petrol bunk and explain about  who can donate and how donation happens as well about brain death and registration of a pledge. All the staff and manager picked a donor card and registered as a donor.

    Then, Mr. Balaji set up the information/registration desk. Many people visited the information desk and 122 people registered as organ donors. Queries asked were why family consent is necessary, is this a real organisation, how to register online, what if I want to cancel my pledge.  He clarified all the doubts. He also explained the use of the helpline no.1800 103 7100 to get more information.

    The information desk was set for three days. On Sept 28, 2022, the information desk was closed in the evening. Mr. Balaji presented a memento to Mr Balaji, owner, and Mr Harikrishnan, Manager of Aruna Agency, Bharat Petroleum. In total more than 400 people visited the information desk. The number of registration were 122, and the number of stickers with helpline number placed on vehicles were 40.

    MOHAN Foundation thanks the management of Aruna Agency for this opportunity.

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