1. Testing

    1. The first series of tests to be done by the intensivist or ICU consultant or Neurologist or neuro-surgeon of the hospital or unit.
    2. The second series of tests to be done by two senior consultants of the department, one of whom should be on the officially nominated panel.
    3. The second series to be done 6 hours after the first.

  2. Ensure that the following results are available (or at least have been sent) at the conclusion of the first series of tests:
    1. blood for Hepatitis B surface antigen
    2. blood for HIV
    3. blood for HCV
    4. blood for blood group analysis
    5. blood for liver function tests
    6. blood for WBC TC/DC
    7. blood for PT, PTT and platelets

  3. Inform Transplant Coordinator about possible candidate after first positive test.

  4. The coordinator will
    1. interact with family and keep the ICU informed at all times
    2. inform all other personnel of the transplant team (it is not the responsibility of the ICU to contact anyone other than the coordinator)
    3. obtain all drugs and fluids necessary for the patient once the first test is positive
    4. complete all legal formalities except for filling Form 8

  5. If permission for harvesting organs is not granted, discontinue ventilation and certify death.

  6. The time of death in all cases will be recorded as the time of the second positive test.

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