Awareness session on organ donation at State Bank Learning Centre, Noida under the project “Gift Hope Gift Life”

Updated on Tuesday, October 31, 2017
  • On October 27, 2017, MOHAN Foundation was invited by SBI Foundation to do an awareness session on organ donation at their State Bank Learning Centre, Noida. SBI Foundation is one of Foundation’s main funders that support the activities of MOHAN Foundation as part of the “Gift Hope Gift Life” project. It is under this project that the talk was organized. It was coordinated by Mr. Vijay Pal, Deputy Manager, SBI LHO (Local Head Office). Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi, Programme Manager, Delhi – NCR was the resource person and was accompanied by Ms. Mareena Thomas, Programme Officer. Apart from the trainees, the session was also attended by Mr. Pramod K Mishra Asstt General Manager, State Bank Learning Centre, Mr. Hemant Arora Chief Manager SBI LHO and Mr. Suresh Chandra Jatav General Manager, Circle Development Officer (CDO) LHO.


    The session started with an inaugural address by Mr. P.K. Mishra. He spoke about the tie-up between MOHAN Foundation and SBI Foundation encouraging all the trainees to take forward the cause of organ donation in their respective offices across the country. He shared a quote on eye donation “donate your eyes so that you can still see the world after you have gone through someone else's eyes". Continuing on the same note Dr. Muneet shared her personal experience of interaction with recipients who start each day by remembering the donor and his/her family because of whom they have got a new lease of life.


    In order to make the session more interactive she asked the participants various questions – what do they know about organ donation? How many of them have heard of brain death? When can a person donate organs? Many gave inputs according to their understanding on the subject. Dr. Muneet shared that the organ donation rate (ODR) of India is approximately 0.80 per million population (pmp) far behind in comparison to ODR of other developed countries especially Spain that boasts of nearly 40 pmp and Croatia with ODR of 39 pmp.


    She further explained that organ donation is possible only in case of brain death after a potential donor has been certified by empanelled doctors nominated by the state authority in a licensed hospital that has a deceased organ donation porgramme in place. While on the subject of brain death, a short film was shown for better clarity and understanding.


    At the end of the session a film titled ‘thank you’ by Vijay and Amala was shown that evoked a positive response and created an immediate emotional connect, not to mention its powerful music with the audience.


    After the session, many came in person and in groups to clarify their queries. Many motivated participants took donor cards not only for themselves but also for their family and friends.


    Close to 150 participants attended the session and 130 donor cards were picked up.

    Source-Ms. Mareena Thomas
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