Awareness session on organ donation at Michelin India Pvt. Ltd, Gurugram

Updated on Tuesday, May 9, 2017
  • On May 05, 2017, MOHAN Foundation was invited by Mr. Raghav Madan to conduct an awareness session on organ donation for the staff of Michelin India Pvt. Ltd, Gurugram. Very recently the company implemented their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative and the session on organ donation was the start to this.


    Ms. Mareena Thomas, Programme Officer, MOHAN Foundation was the resource person for the talk. She was accompanied by Ms. Jyoti Sharma, Transplant Coordinator, MOHAN Foundation.


    Michelin India Pvt Ltd has been working since 2009 in India and through a rapidly expanding distribution network, has established itself as a leading international tyre maker in the country. The company has a range of products in India that cater to the rising demands of the passenger cars, truck & bus and two-wheeler & OTR (Off the Road) vehicles. Michelin has adopted and implemented the Group’s “Green Factory” concept at the Chennai plant. Through this initiative, over 6000 saplings have been planted at the site. The plant is currently operational.


    The session started with Ms. Debi, HR Head, introducing MOHAN Foundation. She welcomed and thanked all the participants for their presence Ms. Mareena began by interacting with participants to set the session in motion. She enquired from the participants if they had heard about organ donation. Many people raised their hands in affirmation. To the question, how many of them had heard about brain death, few of them had heard about the term though not clear about the concept or the meaning of it. Then she asked the difference between coma and brain death, most of them were confused and felt both were the same. Which organs can be donated after death, the answers came thick and fast like eyes, kidneys, liver and heart. One participant mentioned that hair could also be donated for cosmetic reasons, a different interpretation of the word "donation" in comparison to organ donation.


    Ms. Mareena then took them through the presentation that covered basic concepts of organ donation and transplantation, concluding it with a 4-minute movie on ‘brain death’. One of the participants, a U.S. citizen, shared on how they had the option to pledge in their driving license and the same in India will be a good idea too. Ms. Mareena clarified that talks between Government, the surface ministry and NGO’s working in the field of organ donation to include the clause of organ donation in the Indian driving license are underway and very soon it may become a reality.


    There were 37 participants and 35 donor cards were picked up. Many participants picked up cards for other colleagues who could not attend the session and their family members.

    Source-Ms. Jyoti Sharma
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