'Manashanthi' for emotional support

Are you (or anyone you know) feeling lonely, confused or depressed?

Have you wondered whom to talk to and share your feelings with? The answer is now available in the form of 'Manashanthi'.(Counseling unit of MOHAN Foundation) conveniently located in Kilpauk.

We at 'Manashanthi' are here to help you to put your thoughts in order and give an outlet to your choked up feelings. we listen to you, help You to cope with your emotions, and encourage you to take your own decisions. We provide you with the individual attention, regardless of what your problem are, maintaining strictest confidence. We believe in your inner strength to cope with situations, given some emotional support.

'Manashanthi' is a non-religious, non-political, non-governmental organization.Ours is a free service center running entirely by trained voluntary counsellors.You may come in person after prior appointment only.

If you want to know more about us we welcome you to 'Manashanthi'

MANASHANTHI(Counselling Unit of MOHAN Foundation)
3rd Floor, Toshniwal Bldg,
267, Kilpauk Garden Road
Chennai-600 010. India.India.
Ph: 044- 26447000
Fax: 044- 26263477
email:[email protected]


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