Transplant Coordination Professional Certificate Course - Feedback

It was a wonderful experience to do course with your organization, had learnt a lot and got a new perspective about organ donation. Your entire team had been very supportive and kind. Would love to be part of any future campaigns for such noble cause. It was indeed very enlightening experience and the course materials, lectures and the lecturers were really educative.

It was indeed a great experience. The direct one-to-one sessions would have been even more fruitful. Wish I could attend that sometime.

All team of MF...Thank u so much I got it again I wish to do 1-year course your kind cooperation is really memorable... Again thanks

Everything was very good. Excellent team work. Painstakingly made and elaborately covered topics with minute detailing. Very helpful faculty.

This training was excellent and helped me to gain knowledge regarding organ transplantation and even i could correct my misconceptions regarding this.... i am so happy and thankful to be the part of this team... and will surely do my best.

I appreciate the hard work in the overall set up for the course, I have gained a lot from the training immensely. Me as a diabetic with fertility problem, apart from solid transplantation of organ, I am really fascinated by islets transplant. It really made my day after I read and watch the video. Also, uterine transplant was awesome, I could imagine and feel how fortunate are those patients to receive God's grace, the medical team are the instruments of God's miracle. May God bless all the Transplant team and of course the MOHAN Foundation for being a channel and an instrument, to give life and hope for the needy.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course and in the short-term, this course has helped me to gain a lot of knowledge regarding various aspects of Organ Donation and Transplantation.

Webinar if possible to arrange in the evening times may be more participation will be there.

Need improvement for those who are working in hospital hours.

It will be more helpful in having daily classes on one module for 30-60 mins.

More videos regarding grief counselling in various situations can be added, then it will give us a more clear idea on how to go about.

Need to discuss more about pre transplant reports.