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  • Mrs. Shobha Anand  Joshi - 78 Years

    Mrs. Shobha Anand Joshi On September 25, 2021 at 22.30 hours, Mr. Bulu Behera, Transplant Coordinator placed at MOHAN Foundation's Nagpur office received a call from Mr. Atul Joshi residing in Kamptee Nagar, Nagpur. Mr. Joshi informed Bulu that his mother, Ms. Shobha Anand Joshi, 78 years old had passed away at Spandan Hospital, following a cardiorespiratory arrest, and the family would like to donate her eyes and whole body.

    Bulu then asked Mr. Joshi about the details of the case and what motivated him to donate the body and eyes of his mother. Mr. Joshi then shared with Bulu that his mother had visited the Foundations office in Nagpur on June 26, 2019 because she wanted to pledge her body and organs.

    Bulu had then made her sign the body donation form where his details and contact number were also mentioned. He gave MOHAN Foundation's donor card to Ms. Joshi where she pledged all her organs and eyes.

    The family had kept the form safely and contacted Bulu on Sept 25, 2021 to honour the wish of Ms. Shobha Anand Joshi.

    Bulu then reached out to the Government Medical College's anatomy department for body donation and contacted Madhav Netralaya, Nagpur for eye donation. After the eye donation that took place 2330 hours, Ms. Shobha's body was handed over to Government Medical College, Nagpur.

    MOHAN Foundation is thankful to Ms. Shobha's family for their efforts to fulfill her wishes.

    This story strongly drives home the importance of prior discussion and dialogue on organ, tissue and body donation amongst family members. If a family member has expressed his/her wish to donate, in all likelihood the other members would like to honour this persons wish post death. In the absence of such a dialogue, surviving family members often find it difficult to take a decision to donate.

    Place : Nagpur


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