Donor Memorial

  • Mrs. Susheela   S - 60 Years

    Date of Donation : 12/7/2009

    5th December 2009, 1 pm : Srinivas B, a Consultant with Deloitte Consulting was going to his sister's house along with his eight years old son and his mother, Mrs. Susheela W/o B.Y. Sathyanarayana (60 years), on his motorcycle. Just when they were getting close to his sister's house, they had to cross three speed breakers, all within a 100 metre stretch. When he was going to cross the third speed breaker, he heard a big "thud", and his son screamed, "Grandma has fallen down. Immediately, Srinivas stopped his motorcycle and went to his mother, who fell down on her head. He rushed her to Apollo Hospital, where the doctors examined her, performed a CT scan and felt the need for an emergency surgery. Sadly, Mrs. Susheela did not recover after surgery.

    7th December, 12.00 noon : Doctors in the ICU informed the family that Mrs. Susheela has no chances of survival, and that she is progressing to "brain death". Srinivas and his father wept inconsolably after hearing this sad news. Rajesh, a close friend and colleague of Srinivas (at Deloitte), was with them all through hospitalisation. As soon as he heard the word "Brain Death", he remembered something, the "Impact Day 2008" that he spent at the office of MOHAN Foundation. Rajesh and his colleagues volunteered for MOHAN Foundation and organ donation activities, at which time Mr. Raghuram clearly mentioned about what "Brain Death" is. Rajesh couldn't wait anymore. He spoke to doctors and enquired if Mrs. Susheela will make an organ donor, and he got a positive response. Immediately, he swung into action. He slowly broached the subject of organ donation with Srinivas. Rajesh knew that Srinivas was always ready to help people in need, and was a very benevolent person.

    Rajesh's mother had died in 2008 following a kidney problem. He knew the sufferings of these patients, as he had watched his mother go through hell. He said to Srinivas, "if my mother was brain dead, I would have donated her organs". Srinivas had fears about commercialisation of organs, and if it was "mercy killing". At this time, Rajesh felt it would be best to call Mr. Raghuram so that he is able to explain the concept of brain death and organ donation clearly to the family.

    7th December, 1.00 pm : Mr. Raghuram, CEO of MOHAN Foundation, Hyderabad spoke to the intensivist at Apollo Hospital, Dr. Raveendra Babu, who confirmed that Mrs. Suseela was brain dead. Thereafter, Mr. & Mrs. Raghuram spent an hour with the family explaining brain death and organ donation in detail and cleared all possible doubts and apprehensions that they had in their mind. Finally, the family members agreed to donate organs.

    7th December, 2.15 pm : The family members signed on the consent form, and requested that the body of Mrs. Suseela be handed over to them by 5.30 am on 8th. Mr. Raghuram had a huge challenge in front of him. As it was a medico-legal case, he had to arrange for the police and forensic authorities to be brought in before organ retrieval, so that organ retrieval could be planned around 9 pm. That is the day when whole of Hyderabad was grappling with "Telangana" issue when Mr. Chandrasekhara Rao, President of Telangana Rashtra Samiti, was on hunger strike. The law and order situation was chaotic in the city. None of the policemen were even inclined to listen about organ donation. After a marathon discussion on the urgency of the issue, the police relented and came to Apollo hospital to write the "Panchanama". Forensic authorities came on time, and finally Mrs. Susheela was wheeled into the operating room, where the organ retrieval team retrieved her liver, kidneys, and heart valves and finally the eye bank team retrieved her corneas.

    Srinivas' family suffers an irreparable loss of a loving mother, wife, mother in law and grandma. Though Susheela is no longer there, she lives on in five people, and sees this world through two people. It is an amazing act of kindness on part of the family. Rajesh remembered his "Impact Day" events and called MOHAN Foundation. Isn't this fine example of "True Volunteerism". Kudos to Srinivas, his family and the timely act of Rajesh.

    Husband's Name    : B.Y. Sathyanarayana