Donor Memorial

  • Mr. Hemant Kumar Agarwal   - 56 Years

    Mr. Hemant Kumar Agarwal was born and brought up in Meerut. He set up a business in Delhi and would commute the long distance every day.

    Eight years back, Mr. Agarwal decided to shift his business to Delhi as the daily commute from Meerut to Delhi was beginning to take its toll. It was both time consuming and exhausting. In Delhi he built a beautiful home in Dwarka. My father used to call it a dream home, reminisces Apoorva, his daughter, with a fond smile on her face. She also adds that he was a visionary who had the ability to look ahead and plan the future with wisdom and imagination. She feels that their home which was built 10 years back is still at par with today's new-age homes and that for her is a great testament to her father's foresight and wisdom.

    Apoorva shared that his father was a man of principle and foresight, innovative by nature and a very courageous person. He was good in academics but unlike other family members who were in regular jobs, he took the bold decision of setting up his own business. She further added that her parents' marriage was an inter-caste one and that the respective families did not approve of the alliance. Being a man of principle, her father went ahead with a court marriage thereby committing his love for her mother.

    Mr Agarwal loved travelling with his family and friends. Apoorva says that there is hardly a place left in the world that her father had not visited. Such was his passion for travelling.

    On the unfortunate day on February 29, 2020, Mr Agarwal complained of vomiting and fever with altered sensorium. He was taken to a local hospital where CT scan revealed Intraventricular Haemorrhage (IVH). He was then shifted to Artemis Hospitals for further management. He developed hydrocephalous for which Ommaya (a plastic device that is implantedunder the scalp to deliver medication to cerebrospinal fluid) was implanted. The procedure was successful but his condition took a turn for the worse and he had to be kept on the ventilator. He was declared brain dead on March 12, 2020.

    When the Artemis Hospitals doctors along with the MOHAN Foundation counsellor approached the only family member present in the hospital, Mr Praveen (brother-In-law of the patient), he understood and accepted the irreversible condition of Mr Agarwal. He also added that the family was fully aware of Mr Agarwal's condition and had already expressed their wish to donate his organs.

    The formal consent was given by Ms. Barkha Agarwal, wife of Mr. Agarwal. Both his kidneys and liver were used to save other people's lives. The liver was split between a baby and an adult.

    It was the nature of my father to give and that's what he did throughout his life. He had never said ˜NO' to anyone even if he was himself in a crisis. So even after leaving this world, he gave life to others, says Aaryan, Mr. Agarwal's 's son. He also adds, I have not lost my father but a mentor, a guide and my best friend.

    Ms. Barkha also shared with the MOHAN Foundation counsellor that her husband gave unconditional love to all children. He would have been very happy if he knew that a portion of his liver was donated to save the life of a small baby. She further added that her husband had once told her that upon retirement from business, he would like to go with her on a long drive and that drive will have no destination. However fate decreed death was his destination in order to help many others continue on their journey of life.

    Daughter's Name   : Ms. Apoorva Agarwal


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