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  • Mr. Veeraragavan   - 45 Years

    As a gardener in a in a Government School, near Tambaram the 45 year old Veeraragavan, was looking after his two daughter. He had lost his wife a few years ago. His daughters were studying in 5th and 6th standard, and he cared for them.

    On June 22, 2014 after finishing his work, Mr. Veeraragavan got drunk and fell down into an empty well in the garden, and sustained a head injury with bleeding. He was admitted in Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital (RGGGH) for treatment. After two days of treatment he stopped responding and was declared brain dead.

    His entire family was waiting in the corridors for a positive word from the doctor. The transplant coordinator explained to them about the condition of the patient, the family were not able to accept it. They were thinking about his young daughters, who had recently lost their mother and said that If we go and inform them about the father's demise, it will be really tragic for them.¯ His elder brother Sadayandi and uncle slowly realized the situation and gave consent for organ donation.

    Mr. Sadayandi wanted the girls to know the good deed of their father We believe that their parents will guide and shower the blessing to their children to come up in life¯. So Mr. Veeraragavan's daughters came to see their father in ICU. They understood that father was no more with them to teach, to play and to care for them. The two girls took the news stoically so much so that it moved each and every one in the hospital. The daughters felt very proud about their father and they consider his as a Super Hero¯ for saving so many lives.

    We respect Mr. Veeraragavan's family for their courageous decision and for giving new life. He gave a second chance at life to four patients.

    Place : Chennai

    Brother's Name      : Mr. Sadayandi


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