Donor Memorial

  • Mr. S.B.Francis   - 53 Years

    Mr. S.B.Francis, 53 years old, a humble and helpful person, loved by everyone, working for Hyderabad Metro Water Works Department met with an accident at Shadan College, Khairtabad while returning home after a meeting at his office on September 23, 2014. He was immediately taken to the nearby hospital and was declared brain dead by the doctors.

    MOHAN Foundation counsellors spoke to the family about the inevitability of brain death and the chance to give life to others. His liver, two kidneys, two corneas, and heart valves were harvested and were given to seven patients suffering from life-threatening diseases.

    We salute the members of his family (wife - Mrs. Vijaya Francis, son - Mr. Edward and brother - Mr. John Kumar) for taking this noble decision of donating Mr. Francis' organs. Mrs. Vijaya Francis feels proud of the decision taken though nothing can bring her husband back, but is happy that he could give seven people a second chance to live.

    Organs Donated “ Liver, both Kidneys, Heart Valves and both Corneas.

    Place : Hyderabad

    Wife's Name            : Mrs. Vijaya Francis


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