Donor Memorial

  • Mrs. Namita Kapoor   - 52 Years

    Mrs. Namita Kapoor was a religious, god fearing lady. Religion was the focal point of her life and everything else just took its place around it. Whenever we sat together to discuss holidays and every one would suggest some exotic location, Namita would somehow convince us to visit a pilgrimage site. Says her husband Rakesh Kapoor, with an affectionate smile on his face and sadness reflected in his eyes. She had visited Kedharnath, Vrindhawan, Badrinath and was especially fond of Haridwar which she visited once every two months.

    She was born and brought up in Jalandhar and was educated there at KMV college from where she bagged a Bachelor's degree in Arts. She was a very ˜smiley person' as her husband puts it. They had an arranged marriage and even though they met only twice during the long two years engagement period, their love grew from there and blossomed for 32 years wherein they had three children. She was also a young grandmother. Their home in North Delhi's Mukherjee Nagar would more often than not burst into spontaneous get-togethers and festivity with Namita at the centre of it all.

    She had an unusually strong sense of understanding and empathy which meant that everyone in the family would confide in her. Her husband recollects those days in 1990's when they had just moved to Delhi and with the kids being very small and her husband starting a new business, Namita held together the household amidst all challenges, forever maintaining a smiling face.

    The ill-fated day on June 19, 2014 when Namita suffered the stroke was when the family had returned home after a fun outing. She complained of a severe headache and after a few episodes of vomiting was admitted to Medanta hospital. The CT scan revealed brain aneurism and the subsequent DSA (Digital subtraction Angiography) test which is a 3D digital study of the vessels in the brain showed urgent requirement for surgery which was eventually carried out. The procedure was successful but her condition took a turn for the worse and in spite of all efforts, Namita had a brain death at the young age of 52 years.

    When the Medanta Hospital's doctors along with MOHAN Foundation counselors approached the bereaved Kapoor family, they could empathize with what was being asked of them. They had gone through the punishing ordeal of desperately waiting for a donor when Mr. Kapoor's brother died waiting for a liver transplant just a few years ago. Both her kidneys and her liver were used to save other people's lives. Her heart valves were retrieved.

    According to her wishes her last rites were performed with her family beside her at her home in Jalandhar. Her husband while holding back the urge to break down inconsolably says, She died early but she had a full life and lived completely. She gave so much in her death as well as she did while she was alive.

    Place : Delhi

    Husband's Name    : Mr. Rakesh Kapoor


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