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  • Ms. Kamlesh Verma   - 56 Years

    Ms. Kamlesh Verma had a fairly blissful and blessed life. She was a simple, uncomplicated woman who was happy in the little joys of home and family. She was born in Saharanpur, a small city in Uttar Pradesh and grew up there until her marriage after which she moved to Delhi with her husband. Her life more or less revolved around the upbringing of her two sons and looking after the family as her husband travelled frequently and had a transferable job.

    Her husband Mr. Yash Pal Singh Verma says, She was central to our family, the glue that held everything together. She loved to cook and found immense joy in feeding the family, even if it meant she had to wake up at 4 in the morning to get her husband's tiffin ready. And despite being a busy housewife she would find respite watching her favorite daily soap opera at the end of the day.

    No one had the slightest premonition that this blissful scenario would so abruptly shatter. Kamlesh suffered a fatal pre mature stroke on June 09, 2014, a day before she was supposed to visit her in-laws in Dehra Dun. She was looking forward to the trip and had dyed her hair in anticipation of the visit. She saw her husband off to the car that morning just like any other day. We went out for our usual morning walk that day. Says her husband to whom this came as a big shock.

    She was only 56 years old.

    The husband came back home after work and found a locked door. It took him a while to figure out that the door was actually locked from inside. When the door was opened, she was discovered lying on the ground and immediately rushed her to the Max Super Specialty Hospital. No one had any idea when she had collapsed. The EEG test revealed she was brain dead and after consulting and getting opinions from other doctors, Kamleshs condition was deemed irreversible. The decision to donate her organs came from a place truer than sorrow; and while the family found it challenging to make this decision, the MOHAN Foundation counselors helped them understand how many other lives could benefit and change for the better through this tragedy.

    She had always been a very determined women, Always doing what she set out to do, recalls her husband. The one thing she sometimes regretted was that she could not make use of her MA and B.ED education but that never restricted her from enjoying the simple pleasures of life whether it was the kitty parties she hosted or the society events that she took part in or the day to day family affairs.

    Mrs. Kamlesh Verma had always been a giver while she was alive - a giver of love. And in her death - a giver of life.

    Place : Delhi

    Husband's Name    : Mr. Yash Pal Singh Verma


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