Donor Memorial

  • Mr. Maisnam Dina Singh   - 54 Years

    Mr. Maisnam Dina Singh, a 54-year-old man, was a kind and hardworking individual, loved by everyone, especially children. Being the eldest among his four siblings, he took full responsibility for the care of his mother, who was suffering from Leukaemia. Despite being a divorcee with no children of his own, he pampered all his nieces and nephews with his love.

    He seldom took care of himself, as his sole duty was to attend to his mother. Turmoil struck on the morning of February 07, 2024. At around 1100 hours that day, he suddenly fainted at home after serving lunch to his mother. When family members rushed him to the hospital, he lost consciousness after a few episodes of vomiting. "He was my favourite human, just after my mother. How could he leave us so abruptly?" grieved Mr. Dina's niece as his condition deteriorated.

    On the evening of February 12, 2024, he was declared brain stem dead by the BSD committee members. The BSD committee members and the MOHAN Foundation team spoke to the family about the inevitability of brain stem death and the opportunity to give life to others by donating his organs. Upon sharing stories of patients on the waiting list eagerly awaiting deceased donors, Mr. Dina's brother remarked, "Every human being is bound to leave the earth one day, and no one can predict the time of departure. Deep down, I know my brother would want to serve humanity by donating his organs, and may his soul find solace in heaven."

    Moved by the noble cause of organ donation, the family members consented to the donation of kidneys and corneas.

    The family members, including the brothers and niece of Mr. Dina, are saluted for generously making this decision and providing a new lease of life to patients who were suffering from end-stage organ failure.


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