Donor Memorial

  • Ms. Mallika L   - 64 Years

    Ms. Mallika L, a retired Anganwadi teacher, spent over 24 years serving and nursing the toddlers to good health. She also supported the adolescent women, PNC and ANC mothers with regular checkup and in getting health supplements ontime. She spent most of her lifetime helping and serving others. Her noble acts gained a lot of reputation. After retirement she moved to Karur to live with her son and support him.

    By February 2024, she fell ill and was taken to Apollo Hospital, Karur, where her health deteriorated. She had passed away on February 25, 2024. Mr Srinivasan, her son, wished to donate her eyes for the benefit of society. He contacted MOHAN Foundation, and Mr Ganesh C, Marketing Coordinated linked him up to the nearest bank, Arasan Eye Bank. As it was late night there was a challenge for the eye bank in reaching the venue. Mr Srinivasan, took effort in arranging transportation for the hospital staff and had his mothers corneas collected and safely delivered to the eye bank.

    Mr Srinivasan, feels proud and relieved as his mother has passed on the "Gift of Vision", to someone needy. MOHAN Foundation thanks Mr. Srinivasan for his decision and signifant efforts in making the donation happen. We also extends its warm regards and condolence to the deceased family.


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