Donor Memorial

  • Ms. Parul Nilesh Vora   - 47 Years

    "A helping hand, a kind person and a woman who skillfully bound together our family and friends", was how Ms. Parul Nilesh Vora was described by her sister-in-law, Ms. Rajul Sangoi.

    47-year-old Parul Vora was diagnosed to have suffered brain hemorrhage after she was admitted to Thunga Hospital, Malad. On January 27, 2024, she was suspected to be brain dead, and recognizing the need for organ donation guidance, one of the doctors reached out to Jaya Jairam of MOHAN Foundation. Given that the hospital was neither a transplant nor a retrieval center, Jaya provided valuable insights.

    On January 29, 2024, Jaya received another call from the hospital, informing her of the patient's cardiac arrest and the family's desire to donate all organs. She explained to the doctor and the family that while organs couldn't be donated in cardiac death, tissues such as corneas and skin could still be contributed. With verbal consent from the patient's brother and sister-in-law, Jaya coordinated with Masina Skin Bank, Byculla and EBCRC (Eye Bank Coordination and Research Centre), Parel, arranging for their retrieval teams to be present at the hospital.

    In the ensuing hours, Ms. Parul Vora's eyes and skin were successfully donated, thereby bestowing the gift of sight and the gift of life upon atleast 3 other fortunate individuals. She is survived by her husband and 18-year-old son.

    MOHAN Foundation extends its heartfelt admiration to the family for prioritizing compassion over their grief. Our sincere appreciation also goes to the dedicated doctors whose unwavering commitment to the cause of organ and tissue donation persisted, inspite of facing challenges.


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