Three sessions on Organ donation conducted for students of ICICI Skills Academy in Chennai

Updated on Wednesday, November 23, 2022

    The ICICI Skills Academy, Chennai provides three types of course, marketing, AC & refrigeration  and home nursing. These courses are given to the students absolutely free of cost. MOHAN Foundation conducted 3 sessions  on Organ Donation to cover all the students (batches of 90, 50 and 45). Ms Vedhika N, and Ms Preetha P, Interns from MMM College of Health Sciences and Dr Hemal Kanvinde of MOHAN Foundation were the resources persons. 


    Mr Soman of the Academy introduced the NGO to the students and welcomed them. The sessions started with a short movie of the Gift of Life, followed by a talk on the Concepts of Organ Donation by the interns. They spoke of the need for organs, which organs and when they can be donated. Explanation of brain death was given. The misconception in society about organ donation was touched upon and how to pledge and get a donor card was also explained. 


    The sessions ended with  a quiz competition called Connections. It was a fun and fruitful activity as it kept the students engaged and everyone participated. At the end of the activity, the winners were given chocolates. 

    Points of discussion were: 

    • Is Brain transplant, uterus transplant possible?
    • Why should we register in MOHAN Foundation website?
    • Can AIDS patient donate organ to AIDS patient?
    • “O” blood group are universal blood donors so that if a “O” blood group patient had brain dead , whether their organ donated to any blood group recipient?   
    • In a special case of Janani, who was 5  years old when she became a donor, she donated her kidney to his father, is that ok to transplant a pediatric organ to adult?
    • Person who is drunk had brain death in a road accident, whether their organ can transplanted?
    • If a person died because of poison, can their tissues  and organs  be transplanted?
    • Is MOHAN Foundation dealing with organ transplantation?
    • If I am donating my organs, would I get to know the information/contact details of the recipient?
    • Do they check for blood group matching?
    • After a person dies, is there time limit for all organs?
    • If I am donating my organs after death, will  the recipient  get it immediately?


    MOHAN Foundation thanks the ICICI Skills Academy for the opportunity. 

    Source-Preetha P and Vedhika N
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