Organ donation talk was given at Connecting NGO office for suicide prevention volunteers at camp, Pune

Updated on Wednesday, June 7, 2023
  • On 3rd June 2023, organ donation awareness talk was conducted by Mr. Jagdish Borude, transplant coordinator, MOHAN Foundation at Connecting NGO office camp, Pune.
    Mr Jagdish was invited as Guest Speaker to deliver a lecture on " organ donation" at C onnecting NGO office, camp, Pune. The talk was organized with the help of Mr Chetan, from Connecting NGO. The main aim of this talk was to spread awareness regarding organ donation among the people of the organization. Mr. Jagdish first did the introduction of MOHAN Foundation and its role in organ donation and its activities. Mr Jagdish then elaborated what is organ donation and body donation and basic concepts of organ donation.
    The talk given by Mr. Jagdish was interactive in nature. He then discussed the following topics on organ and body donation:
              1. Concept of organ donation and tissue donation
              2. Concept and definition of Brain death
              3. Types of death- Brain death and cardiac death
              4. Organs and tissues donated after brain death and circulatory death
              5. Why organ donation is important in India?
              6. How one can save the lives of 8 people
              7. Body donation and its importance.
              8. Ischemic time of each organ and tissue
              9. THOTA Act 1994 and its importance.
              10. Grief counseling and stages of grief counseling.
              11. Green corridor and role of police in MLC cases .
              12. Role and responsibilities of ZTCC other government organisations
              13. Opt-out and opt-in system across the world and India
    Participants had asked the following questions during interactive session:
         1. Can transplanted organ be donated again if same person become brain dead?
         2. Can organ and body donation be done the if a person previously has not taken pledge as an organ donor?
         3. Why solid organs can't be donated after cardiac death?
         4. What are the religious challenges those are faced while counseling for getting consent.
         5. What is the process of eye donation and body donation if death happens at home?
         6. What is the transplantation cost of kidney and live transplants at private hospital and in the government hospitals scheme seems for it?
    The motive of the session was to aware an sensitize them about organ and body donation.
    There were 13 people who attended the organ donation awareness talk and 9 people took the ledge as organ donor.
    At the end of the talk, Mr Pushkar Tamhankar gave the vote of thanks.



    Source-Mr. Jagdish Borude
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