Organ Donation awareness session at Sukham Hospital, Panvel, Navi Mumbai

Updated on Saturday, May 26, 2018
  • On 10th May 2018, MOHAN Foundation Mumbai was invited by Sukham Hospital to conduct an awareness talk on Organ Donation for all their staff. Sukham Hospital has 5 ICU beds.

    Mrs. Jigisha Yadav started by introducing MOHAN Foundation, its mission, vision and history,. When she asked the audience what came to their minds about Organ Donation, there were mixed responses. While a few highlighted positive sides, some raised negative sides to the concept.

    The concept of organ donation was then introduced. Types of organs and tissues that can be donated, types of death, the concept of brain death, difference between brain death and coma were all covered. Mrs Jigisha Yadav also discussed the various myths and facts relating to organ donation. Information about organ allocation, and distribution were also shared.

    There were 19 staff members, of which a few took the pledge.

    We thank Dr. Dipali Jadhav for extending us the invitation and thus supporting the cause of Organ Donation.

    Source-Mrs.Jigisha Yadav
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