Organ Donation Awareness programme at Gregorian College for Advance Studies

Updated on Tuesday, July 4, 2017
  • On 22 June 2017, Gregorian College for Advance Studies, Alathara, Trivandrum, Kerala conducted an awareness programme on Organ Donation for 25 of their students. This programme was organized by Ms. Kripa, MSW Students of Loyolo College of Arts and Science, as a part for her research requirement.

    The awareness section began with a welcome address by the Ms. Kripa, following that pre and post test were conducted.  Ms. Kavitha. S, Transplant Coordinator was deputed from MOHAN Foundation to address the gathering.   She explained the importance of event and the noble cause to the students who attended session.

    The following topics were covered in her talks:

    • Activities of MOHAN Foundation
    • Types of Organ Donation - Live and Deceased Donation
    • Difference between Brain death and Coma
    • Donor card  & Importance of the consent from the family
    • KNOS Deceased donor programme by Govt. of Kerala
    • Information sources - Helpline Number and Websites

    Many queries asked by the participants

    1. Ways to get donor card
    2. Difference between KNOS and MOHAN Foundation
    3. After transplantation whether the recipient is prone for infection
    4. Complication for the donor

    All students and faculty attended the awareness section supported organ donation by pledging their organ through signing donor card.

    Source-Ms. Kavitha
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