Organ Donation Awareness Session at University College of Education, Kurukshetra University

Updated on Wednesday, November 23, 2016
  • On 22nd November 2016, MOHAN Foundation was invited by Dr Taruna C. Dhall, Principal College of Education, Kurukshetra University to conduct an awareness talk for their colleagues and students. Around 110 students participated in the program.


    Participants were given an introduction by Mr. Sudhir Dewan and presentation on organ donation and brain death by Ms. Deepika Arora.


    Mr. Dewan began the session with by sharing his own story of what he went through when his own liver failed. How he received and how he was motivated to join the cause of organ donation.


    Ms Deepika explained the process of organ donation – why it is needed, Myths related to organ donation. The demand and supply gap of organs in our country.


    Participants actively participated with a lot of questions being asked and satisfactory answered.


    The session was made possible through the initiative and enthusiasm of Dr Taruna Dhall, Principal. She is a life member of MOHAN Foundation and having a nicely laminated, MOHAN Foundation donor card.


    All her colleagues signed donor cards and students keenly pledged organs by filling out donor cards.

    Source-Ms. Deepika Arora
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