Online Course on Transplant Coordination Professional Certificate (May 15, 2024 - June 27, 2024)

Updated on Saturday, July 6, 2024
  • The MOHAN Foundation concluded its six-week online course on the 'Transplant Coordination Professional Certificate' from May 15 to June 27, 2024. The program attracted 74 participants from India and one from Dubai.

    Course materials and resources were provided through an e-learning platform, which included online assignments and assessments to help participants enhance their understanding. This comprehensive approach allowed for active engagement with the content and effective application of knowledge.

    Weekly interactive webinars with experts in organ donation and transplantation were a key feature of the training, enhancing participant engagement. These sessions created a dynamic learning environment, encouraging active interaction between candidates and speakers.

    The webinars focused on essential topics related to;

    • Concepts of organ donation and transplantation
    • Transplantation of human organs act and its provisions
    • Brainstem death - Concept, identification and certification
    • Counselling grieving families and approaching them for organ donation
    • Role of donor coordinator in deceased donor transplant programme
    • Coordinating living donor transplant
    • Ethical aspects of organ donation and transplantation

    The faculty included:

    • Dr. Sunil Shroff, Founder & Managing Trustee, MOHAN Foundation
    • Dr. Radha Sundaram, Consultant Intensive Care NHS Scotland Clinical Lead Organ Donation NHSBT
    • Ms. Pallavi Kumar, Executive Director, MOHAN Foundation, Delhi-NCR
    • Ms. Trilly Rachel Mathew, Organ Transplant Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka
    • Ms. Sujatha Suriyamoorthi, Associate Director - Courses, MOHAN Foundation
    • ·         Ms. Poonam Sharma, Curriculum Coordinator, MOHAN Foundation

    A course completion certificate was awarded to 49 out of 75 candidates who successfully met the course requirements by passing the online examination held on June 27, 2024.


    “The course was very nice. It enhanced my knowledge a lot. There are many new things I have learnt during my course. gratitude to MOHAN FOUNDATION for starting this course so that student either who want to pursue their career as transplant coordinator or who are working as transplant coordinator get in depth knowledge of all things” - Dr. Rashmi Patel, Gujarat

    “Teachers are excellent. Though it’s impossible to cover such topics within such minimal time they tried their best and kudos to them. And lastly all coordinators from your team MOHAN Foundation thank you very much. Hope together we’ll make the world better. Have a nice day.” - Mr. Jinat Kumar Singhdeo, Odisha

    “I really enjoyed the course, in fact it polished my skills. Lectures were well organized and planned. The faculty members were really very humble and kind. They not only teach the students but also make them involve in whole session. In future I would like to work with MOHAN Foundation.: - Ms.Meena Priya, Chennai

    Source-Mr Charan
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