Online Awareness about COVID-19 and Organ Donation conducted at Video Skills Mastery Workshop, Nagpur

Updated on Sunday, July 5, 2020
  • On 5th July 2020, MOHAN Foundation in association with Transplants – Help The Poor Foundation conducted an awareness talk on COVID -19 and Organ Donation at Mr. Deepak and Ms Nisha (Organizer) of Video Skills Mastery Workshop, Nagpur. They arranged webinar through zoom.


    Ms Prarthana began session by explaining the precaution which can protect us from COVID -19 pandemic. As at present there are no vaccines or medicines to treat the disease caused by the Novel Coronavirus, only supportive care. She explained there are a number of steps people can take to protect yourself and those around them. The World Health Organization (WHO) says the "most effective" protective measures are the following: cleaning your hands regularly, properly covering your mouth when you cough and social distancing.


     Ms Prarthana. Dwivedi introduced MOHAN Foundation to the participants. She explained about the living donations and deceased donation and which organ can be donated after death. She added that there were a number of patients with end stage disease of other organs like heart, lungs and liver who required transplants too. The organs and tissues that can be donated while living and after a person dies of circulatory death were listed out. She then focused on brain stem death and listed out the organs and tissues that could be donated. She spoke about how time was critical in transplanting organs from deceased donors. The role of the ZTCC was discussed and myths were clarified. The utter need of organ donation in India (opt-in law) was explained through comparison of organ donation rate in other countries like Spain (opt-out law).

    She ended the talk by giving an outline about the MOHAN Foundation helpline number. Some of the questions asked were –

    • Can a person donate his body after organ donation?
    • What is waiting list and how recipient enroll?
    • Can cancer patients donate their organs?

    Ms Prarthana. Dwivedi answered all the queries promptly. Around 42 participants attended the session. MOHAN Foundation would like to thank Mr Deepak & Ms Nisha for inviting us and supporting the cause of Organ Donation.

    Source-Prarthana Dwivedi
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