One-day TRANSPLANT COORDINATORS conference hosted by COREP TRUST in collaboration with MOHAN Foundation

Updated on Saturday, May 26, 2018
  • As part of the World Kidney Day programme 2018, COREP Trust alongwith MOHAN Foundation organised a TRANPLANT COORDINATOR’s conference on the 8th April 2018 at Hotel West End, New Marine Lines, Mumbai. The programme was inaugurated by the dignitaries with lighting of the lamp.

    Dr Ashok Kirpalani, Nephrologist at Bombay Hospital started the session by highlighting the current challenges in end stage kidney disease.

    Dr Sunil Shroff, Managing Trustee -MOHAN Foundation, gave an overview of organ donation and transplantation in India and worldwide. Dr. Sujata Patwardhan, Secretary of ROTTO and SOTTO (Mumbai), shared the plans for Maharashtra and the West zone.

    Dr.Vaishali Salav, Intensivist at Global Hospital spoke about Brain death identification and testing. Dr. Suresh Vasanth, Consultant Anaesthesia – Apollo Hospital, gave an overview of selection of donor and donor maintenance. Dr Prakash Saindane, Transplant Coordinator at Apollo Hospitals, spoke about the documentation for living and cadaver transplant. Dr.Vishwanath Billa then spoke about Swap and Domino Transplants in India. Dr Shruti Tapiawala gave an overview of ABO incompatible Transplant. Dr Rushi Deshpande shared information on the new guidelines and allocation policy as per THOA. Mrs. Sujatha Ashtekar, Consultant at ROTTO then spoke about pre-requisites for registering NTORCs and organ donation at non-NTORCs.

    Dr.Mukesh Shete and team presented a skit on organ donation. Mrs.Pallavi Kumar, Executive Director at MOHAN Foundation gave a detailed overview of Grief Counselling and subsequently also spoke about what are the ‘Good qualities of a Transplant Coordinator’.

    Dr.Rekha Barot, Transplant Coordinator at KDAH shared case studies about angry families and how to deal with them. Mr.Aniruddha Kulkarni, Transplant Coordinator at Jupiter Hospital, shared cases of Complications with the police department in MLC cases. Mrs. Surekha Joshi, Transplant Coordinator at Ruby Hall Hospital, Pune, spoke on complicated case studies in counselling with people from specific communities. Mrs.Arati Gokhale, ZTCC Pune, shared an overview of establishing a Green Corridor – how to work with the Police and Traffic police.

    Mrs.Jaya Jairam, Project Manager at MOHAN Foundation Mumbai, being a transplant recipient herself, shared a short presentation of how quality of Life after a transplant drastically improves and helps a person to lead a normal life.          

    Lastly, a Panel discussion was held on “Saving more Lives through higher Organ Donation rates- What makes it Work”, with Dr Sunil Shroff, Dr Ashok Kirpalani, Dr Vatsala Trivedi and Mrs.Arati Gokhale as the speakers and Dr Umesh Khanna and Dr Alan Almeida as the Chairpersons. The panel concluded that the public is generally better sensitized about organ donation as compared to earlier, and it is time for the healthcare system to now enable higher organ donation rates by way of change in attitudes and encouraging champions within the healthcare systems.

    MOHAN Foundation also kept on display ‘Life before Ashes’ art pieces of human heart, kidneys, liver and eyes made of real human ashes and mud from the grave, with the message that these organs had the power to save someone’s life and need not have been wasted to ashes or mud.

    Source-Mrs. Jaya Jairam
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