Members of Lions Club and Paramedical students of Sainath College sensitized about organ donation along with The Cause Travelers

Updated on Sunday, January 16, 2022
  • On 11th January 2022, MOHAN Foundation in association with Transplants – Help The Poor Foundation conducted an awareness session on Organ Donation for the members of Lions Club and students of Sainath Paramedical College, Nagpur. Dr. Pallavi Wanjari (Sheetal Pathology Laboratory) and Rotarian Mr. Bhal Shekhar Chillana and his wife Mrs. Namrata of The Cause travelers organized the event.

    Ms. Prarthana Dwivedi was the speaker for the day.

    She began the session by introducing MOHAN Foundation and its activities

    Topics discussed about organ donation were as follows:

    1. Living donors and Deceased donors
    2. Requirement of Organ donation in India
    3. Which organs and tissues can be donated after Brain death and Circulatory death?
    4. Difference between organ donation and circulatory death
    5. Concept of Brain Steam death?
    6. MOHAN Foundation helpline number was shared with the participants.


    Questions asked after the session:

    1. What is THOA Act?
    2. How skin can be donated?
    3. Can a person suffering from asthma donate his organs?


    The session was inspiring and motivated 20 participants to pledge their organs. 86 members participated in this session. MOHAN Foundation would like to thank Dr. Pallavi Wanjari for inviting us and supporting the cause of Organ Donation.


    Source-Ms. Prarthana Dwivedi
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