MOHAN Foundation trains the 22nd Batch of Organ Donation Ambassadors

Updated on Tuesday, March 21, 2023
  • The Module 2 of the Organ Donation Ambassador Training was held on March 18, 2023. It was an online session with 7 trainees. The session was hosted by Dr. Hemal Kanvinde (Quality Assurance officer) and the other trainer was Dr Muneet Kaur Sahi (Program Officer, MOHAN Foundation Delhi NCR). Faculty for the expert interactions were Dr Veena Wathore, Chief Coordinator, ZTCC Nagpur; Dr Nagraj Naik, Assoc. Prof, Dept of Nephrology, SDM Institute of Medical Sciences and Hospital; Dr Rohini Motwani, Assoc. Prof, Dept of Anatomy, AIIMS Hyderabad and Mr. Anant Archarya, kidney recipient, Bengaluru.

    The first session was introduction to the course and expectation by Dr.Hemal followed by trainee introduction. All trainees spoke about themselves and the motivation to become an Ambassador. Ms. Manisha a trainee, was a kidney donor and she shared her experience of being a kidney donor to her son. Another  trainess was Transplant Coordinator from Baroda.

    The next session was expert interaction. It was very interactive and many quires and doubts were clarified. The experts shared their knowledge on voluntary body donation, how to explain brain death in a simple manner, fetus donation, and the covid affected patients body were donated for the study purposes. Mr. Anant Acharya who shared his experience on how he got kidney transplantation from his wife, he shared his physical and emotional status during that period. He spoke of the involving Dharma gurus in speaking to the public to promote organ donation. There was a discussion on the latest guidelines and newspaper reports regarding increase in age of organ failure that can register on the waiting lists etc. There was active discussion on access to this treatment to poor patents, cornea transplantation and transport across state borders, opt in and opt out – incentives to people who opt in and improving organ donation awareness in Hospital ICU.

    The next session continued with Gratitude Communication Workshop by Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi. She guided the trainees on the art of writing a letter of gratitude from a recipient to a donor family. The participants imagined themselves has a recipient and wrote a thank you letter and read their letter to all the participants during the session.

    Then the final session was on Communication Modes for Organ Donation. Dr. Hemal Kanvinde, spoke on how to do Awareness on Organ donation and shared a presentation giving examples to promote organ donation. Examples of rallies, talks information desk, signature banners, poems, art work, blogs, social media campaign feathered as examples.

    Module 2 training session ended by sharing their feedback about the Organ Donation Ambassador. Dr. Hemal thanked all the trainees for their active participation. MOHAN Foundation thanks the expert faculty for their time and interactions.

    Source-Dr Hemal Kanvinde
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