MOHAN Foundation conducts a Seminar on Organ Donation at Faculty of Nursing, Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute University

Updated on Thursday, February 8, 2018
  • On 7th Feb 2018, MOHAN Foundation conducted a seminar on Organ Donation at Faculty of Nursing, Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute University. The program was attended by 209 nursing students of all the academic years as well as 10 teaching staff. The program was presided by Dr. A Shaw Nawaz Khan, Medical Director, Dr. Pragna B. Dolia, Dean and Prof. Mrs. Geetha Vice Principal, ACS Nursing College. In his welcome speech, Dr. A Shaw Nawaz Khan suggested that organ donation should be popularized among the public and one way it could be done is if some concession is given to the organ donors families. Dr. Pragna B. Dolia explained the value of a donation by relating it with a story on organ donation. They felicitated the staff of MOHAN Foundation.

    Schedule for the seminar was:

    Concepts of organ donation – Dr. Hemal Kanvinde

    Brain death movie and discussion - ORGAN India and Dr Ravi, HOD Dept of Anesthesiology

    Protocol followed by a hospital during organ donation - Mr. Ruban Victor 

    Health status of recipients – Mr. Britzer Paul

    Case studies - Dr. Hemal Kanvinde 

    Transplant coordination as a career option - Mr. Ruban Victor


    Dr. Hemal Kanvinde, Quality Assurance Officer from MOHAN Foundation began her talk with an introduction to MOHAN Foundation and its activities. She gave a presentation on Organ Donation, the present scenario of organ donation, organs that can be donated, type of donors, difference between coma and brain death and types of death.

    A video explaining brain death was shown, following which Dr. Ravi, HoD, Department of Anesthesiology explained to the students about the apnea test from a clinical viewpoint.

    Mr. Ruban Victor, Program Manager educated the students regarding the work of a transplant coordinator. With the help of a case study he explained how all the departments work together and follow a systematic protocol to have a successful donation, which saves the lives of nearly 8 patients. The presentation was very interactive. Students understood what brain death is and how the harvesting happens. They also understood all the background work during the donation to make it a safe procedure both legally and clinically.

    The final presentation was by Mr. Britzer Paul V, Master of Public Health, JIPMER, Intern, MOHAN Foundation. He presented on the topic “Stress of liver transplant recipient”. He explained to the students about the stress that a liver transplant recipient undergoes. He explained it in three domains as: Physical stress, mental stress and financial stress. He also explained about the role of a nurse in the lives of the liver transplant recipient and how they can ease the stress of the patients.

    Towards the end of the program, Mr. Ruban Victor informed the students about the transplant coordinator training that will take place in the month of May 2018. He also told about the advantage of participating in the transplant coordinator course and the career opportunities after the course. Pamphlets regarding organ donation were distributed to the students. One of the students who had already registered for organ donation was appreciated in front of the crowd with a gift to set as an example for others.  The involvement of all 200 students was witnessed when they voluntarily took the organ donor card and preserved it in their wallets.

    The Vice Principal gave a vote to thanks. 

    Source-Britzer Paul V
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