Angels of Change Training at Faculty of Nursing, Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute University

Updated on Thursday, February 8, 2018
  • On February 07 2018, Angles of Change Volunteer Training workshop was conducted for the 3rd year nursing students at Faculty of Nursing, Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute University. A total of 25 students were registered but for a sudden surprise a total of 42 students were present in the classroom. The class was divided into six groups. Dr. Hemal explained the aim of the workshop and that after the training the volunteers had to complete two public awareness. She also explained the manual and the contents of the CD.

     The students were asked to read the “Stories of Hope” from the manual and a video of a Heart recipient, was played for them. The students were asked to write a letter to the deceased donor family. The group leaders selected a best letter from each group. The best letters were given gifts at the end of the session.

    Following this, members of the groups were asked to work on the following tasks –

    planning an event towards awareness for organ donation,

    practicing the public awareness presentations,

    awareness through social media and

    survey for organ donation.


    Once the tasks were distributed among the groups the students eagerly took part with excitement and enthusiasm.  Dr. Hemal Kanvinde, Quality Assurance officer, took care of the survey team and helped them what and how to collect the data, to update the survey in the MOHAN Foundation web page. As soon as the introduction was given students flew to every nook and corner of the campus. The survey group was found all over the campus taking survey right from the security staff to the professors.

    The other group who were practicing for the presentation were going through the MOHAN foundation’s organ donation slides and preparing. Dr. Hemal and Mr. Britzer Paul helped then with correct information and body language etc. After the training each student was given an opportunity to present within the group.

    Mr. Ruban Victor, program manager, was in-charge for the social media group. The social media group students begun to take photos with the placards cards which promoted organ donation. As soon as the photo were taken they posted it in the facebook, twitter, instagram and whatsapp groups. He helped them in understanding the role of social media towards organ donation. He educated them in sharing the organ donation message in different social media sources. There was a group who sat together and read and discussed about the life of the donors and recipients.

    Finally, students who planned the events, explained their activities - Quiz competition, poster competitions, face painting, puppet shows, community engagement in urban and rural centres with the theme of “Organ Donation”. This showed us how active the students were in working towards a Nobel cause. Many students were also interested in getting enrolled for the transplant coordinator course that will be held in the month of May.

    At the end of this a student presented the vote of thanks.  The day finally came to and with a group photo.


    Source-Britzer Paul V
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