MOHAN Foundation conducts Angels of Change Volunteer Training at S.I.A College, Dombivili, Thane

Updated on Friday, February 1, 2019
  • On 28th January 2019, the NSS Unit of S.I.A. College invited MOHAN Foundation to conduct a district level volunteering training workshop for about 140 students from 25 different colleges throughout Thane District with the help of Mr.Prashant Savdekar, NSS District Coordinator.

    The Angels of Change Workshop started at 10am in the morning with the lighting of the Lamp by all the dignitaries present at S.I.A College, NSS Coordinators and members from Rotary Club of Dombivili. All the dignitaries including Principal Dr Padmaja Arvind and President of the managing committee Mr. T.N. Muthukrishnan shared their opinion about Organ Donation. Mrs.Renu Verma introduced Dr. Jimmy Gupta and Mrs. Jigisha Yadav to the students as resource persons for conducting the workshop.

    Dr. Jimmy started the session by introducing MOHAN Foundation, its mission, vision and philanthropy. She then familiarized students about the workshop they are going to attend and discussed what the students are expecting to learn about in this particular cause of organ donation. Also she informed the ways students can collaborate to support this noble cause of organ donation.

    Mrs.Jigisha Yadav took the second session of Mind Mapping Activity and told students to discuss all the positive and negative thoughts coming to their minds related to organ donation. Through this activity the doubts which the students had just popped out in a simple manner & they could also share the things which they usually hesitate to ask.

    Next session was held by Dr. Jimmy about the concepts of Organ and tissue donation. She explained the types of death viz. Cardiac and Brain Death and the organs and tissues that can be donated. She elaborated on the procedure about bone donation which was a new topic for the students. She also described that tissue donation (skin & eyes) can happen even at home which caught the attention of the crowd and everybody started asking queries related to tissue donation which were answered promptly. She also discussed about Organ Donations that can happen in the case of Brain Dead case and the number of lives that can be saved by giving examples of successful transplant stories articles and news about green corridor which was familiar to the students. Then Mrs. Jigisha Yadav discussed about the religious barriers and myths related to organ donation.

    As the students got aware about the whole process of organ donation we proceeded towards the activity of writing a thank you letter keeping the emotions felt by donors when they receive organs & live their second life. Many students participated in this activity and wrote very heart touching letters which were narrated later. After the short lunch break, groups were made to do activities, they had to enact the different roles given and arrange in proper sequence so that they can understand the process of organ donation in any situation given. Dr Jimmy lastly showed few heart touching videos about organ donation to the students so that they could empathize the power of organ donation. Also they were invited to speak about the whole process of organ donation & feedback about the workshop. About 140 students attended the workshop including the NSS volunteers & about 35students took pledge.

    We thank all dignitaries including Principal Dr Padmaja Arvind , President of managing committee Mr. T.N. Muthukrishnan, Mr.Prashant Savdekar (NSS District Coordinator Thane), Mr. Santosh (NSS Coordinator Kalyan), Mrs. Renu Verma (NSS Coordinator) and members from Rotary Club of Dombivili for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to conduct an ‘Angels of Change’ Workshopon organ donation for the students.

    Source-Dr. Jimmy Gupta
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