MOHAN Foundation and Nagpur RTO promote organ donation - 9th session

Updated on Saturday, July 4, 2015
  • On 17 June 2015 the Regional Traffic Officer (RTO) Nagpur Mr. Sahebrao  Sherke invited MOHAN Foundation to talk about Deceased Organ donation. The drivers who apply for registration and driving license were the audience.


    Mr. Bulu Behera, Transplant Coordinator gave the talk on Organ donation and Transplantation. He highlighted the need for organ donation, types of Organ donation, types of death: brain death and  natural death, difference between brain death and coma,  process of Eye donation as well as Body donation. He told about the activities of MOHAN Foundation and made a request to people to visit MOHAN Foundation website.


    Following questions were asked by the participants.

    What is the cost for Kidney transplant?

    Whom to contact for kidney transplant?

    What time taken for organ donation?


    After end of the session 8 drivers took consent form and said they will sign after discussion with their families. 

    Source-Bulu Behera
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